I began studying martial arts when I was still very young, it grew from being something I was forced to do into a love I pursued obsessively into my teens. Around the same time, my early adolescent years, I began developing an interest in studying psychology.

Through a few synchronistic twists of fate I ended up working ‘the door’ in Liverpool.

Not common practice for someone with a private school education and a degree in psychology. However to me it was a personal challenge I felt was important enough to sacrifice other opportunities and my personal safety for.

Richard Grannon

As a doorman or bouncer, dealing with abusive and violent people was an everyday occurrence. You learn very quickly what techniques work and what is likely to fail in a highly stressful street fight. A few years on the doors, teaches you a lot about human nature and how to handle drunks, bullies, the drug crazed and the occasional psychopath. 

Street Combatives is a culmination of years of experience and knowledge of some of the world’s most deadly martial arts. The complete novice, will discover techniques which will immediately give them the ability to turn the tables on any would be attacker. Even the most experienced martial artist will be blown away by the sheer destructive power of the  techniques revealed in ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’

The training methodology I demonstrate gives people the power they need to avoid and defuse potential violence, whilst strengthening their capacity to deliver it where and when absolutely necessary.

This DVD Course “6 Seconds of Extreme Violence” is the core of the physical elements that I teach to win in a street fight.

An emotion-driven savage explosion of precise, systemised violence that will prove catastrophic to anyone attempting to assault a practitioner of this material.

Cutting edge psychology combined with the most reliable, savage, easy to remember and apply techniques, tools and tactics giving you the power to maul an attacker into physical and psychological submission before they even know what has hit them.

My training is trusted by security personnel, law enforcement officer’s and the military, for proof that it works click here