The scumbags on our streets think nothing of stamping on your head while you lie helpless on the floor, in fact they'll do it for fun. If you're lucky you'll survive without brain damage.

Are you really prepared for the reality of a street fight?

In a street fight there are no rules, no referee to step in and save you. So no matter how good a fighter you think you are, the brutal reality is you, your loved ones or friends could be seriously hurt.'Six Seconds of Extreme Violence' is a DVD set that gives you tools and tactics and the power to render any attacker into physical and psychological submission before they even know what has hit them.

This unique training material uses cutting edge psychology combined with the most reliable, savage, easy to remember and apply techniques, and is only for those truly serious about hardcore self protection.

These combat techniques have been tested and proven by security personnel, military and law enforcement officers, worldwide.

It is only for those looking for the most efficient way to batter into submission anyone who dares to attack them,

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2 DVD set

‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’

Just $49 USD


  1. An introduction to the Core Game Plan

  2. The Set Up – Setting your attacker up for a first strike

  3. SHOCK. Hit your attacker first and hit him hard

  4. BLAST. Deliver constant pressure to panic your attacker

  5. MAUL. Land heavy shots to drop your opponent

  6. CRUSH. Brutal and extremely dangerous fight finisher


  1. Foul Tactics- eye gouging, throat attacks, bites,

  2. to create fear and panic

  3. Head Controls- dominate your attacker by wrenching his neck and head

  4. Ripping – combine head controls and foul tactics

  5. to totally dominate your attacker

  6. Common Attacks – dealing with common street attacks preemptively and aggressively

Was $99 - NOW just $49

Richie Grannon


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