This DVD is the first in the new series of training materials that will become available throughout 2010 and forms the core of my training philosophy. I highly recommend it to those familiar with my previous material and also to those of you that may only have seen my free material on YouTube.

This training material uses cutting edge psychology combined with the most reliable, savage, easy to remember and apply techniques.

These tools and tactics give you the power to render any attacker into physical and psychological

submission before they even know what has hit them.

I’m pleased to be able to offer these new DVDs whose production values reflect the quality of the content (unlike before when I was shooting in my garage:) at a price that I think is affordable to everyone. Im also personally very proud of this work and it opens up a new chapter in the journey.

A scientific training approach thats shows you how to deliver devastating violence

These stills are taken from ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence DVD Set

Richie Grannon


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